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NMSU Environmental Health and Safety Policy

EH&S Mission

Environmental, Health and Safety is committed to facilitating University safety, health and environmental protection by providing and coordinating programs and services that support teaching, learning and research activities. Through these EH&S programs and our partnerships with various constituents of the campus and regulatory agencies, we prevent personal injury, recognize and control hazards, minimize risk and loss, and provide leadership in environmental stewardship.

EH&S fulfills its mission to make NMSU a safe work and learning environment and ensure regulatory compliance by implementing programs and services in eight major areas.

  1. Education, Training & Protective Equipment
  2. Hazardous Waste & Materials Management
  3. Health & Safety Inspection/Facility Audits/Activity & Work Reviews
  4. Regulatory Compliance
  5. Accident, Incident, & Exposure Investigations
  6. Exposure Prevention/Indoor Air Quality
  7. Radiation Licensing & Permitting
  8. Safety Standard & Procedures

EH&S Annual Reports: 2014; 2013; 2012; 2010; 2009;

Safety Classess

Defensive Driving Classes

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Online Bloodborne Pathogen Class

Defensive driving classes
Utility Cart Safety Video | Policy

Safety Training Requirements

Safety Training Requirements

Staff, faculty, part-time,
student-employees, graduates
and post-docs

Training Matrix -Trades



# Aug. - Safety Health & Security Initiatives [EVENT SCHEDULE]
# Aug.- Transport of Haz-Materials, Materials of Trade
# Sept.- Maintenance Safety Training BliZ [COMPLETED]
# Sept.- Lab Safety Refresher Class [SEPT 18, CLASS]
# Oct. - Lab Safety Refreshers on Oct 15, 16 & 29

NMSU Safety NEWS Updates


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Map & parking information

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