NMSU 2016 injury summary (OSHA 300 log)

NMSU 2016 OSHA 300 log.

Environmental Health & Safety notes the annual summary of employee injuries and illnesses is posted on the NMSU safety website (and repeated in this NEWS post). This log lists summary information on cases and lost work days or days with restricted work because of a reportable injury or illness by NMSU employees in 2016.


All NMSU-related employment units e.g. campus departments, institutes (PSL, NMDA, CEMRC), NMSU community colleges, ASC facilities, etc. should print the OSHA 300 Log and posted it on a bulletin board in a central employee area. Under New Mexico law this annual summary log must be posted from February 1 through April 30.

In addition to the requirement, we also recommend that the log be printed and posted for employee information. Either a print of the jpg image (change the printer setting to landscape for better results) or the pdf file is acceptable for posting. Questions should be addressed to NMSU Environmental Health & Safety.


The chart (image at right) shows a continued trend of less injury and illness cases over the recent five year period compared to previous years. This is very good as the count has decrease substantially (40-50%) since the early 2000s to the current low.



Employees are reminded to report work-related injuries and illness to their supervisor. In 2016, 95% of supervisors completed a Supervisor Accident Investigation Report and to help determine the cause of the incident and what mitigation steps should be taken. EH&S reviews each report of injury or illness and provides recommendations to supervisor.

The bar charts below compare cases with lost time and the number of days away from work.


The bar charts below compare cases with work restriction and the number of days at work with restricted duty.

The total cases and total days with lost time have decreased over time.

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