Safety tip: slow down, look around

This safety message is to remind you to slow down while driving and observe your surroundings as a pedestrian. Over the winter break, the university reduced lanes on Espina from two lanes going both ways to one lane each way in order to create bicycle lanes and a turning lane.The city’s new crosswalk on University near Chick-fil-A is also under construction. Monagle Hall is in the process of being dismantled so use caution around the area. We want you to be aware of these changes so you can stay alert to ensure your safety.

With the increased congestion on campus with vehicles, utility carts and pedestrian traffic, safety and caution are absolutely critical.

Please review “Best Practices for Campus Driving” at

-Safely Share Campus Streets
-Eliminate Distractions When Driving
-Watch for the Unexpected
-Pass Bicyclists and Utility Carts with Care
-Drive the Speed Limit and Avoid Congested Campus Areas

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