2017 Maintenance Safety Blitz, Sept 6, 7 & 8

On September 6, 7 & 8, EH&S along with NMSU Police and Fire instructors presented the 2017 Maintenance Safety Blitz at the safety training facility (Academic Research C, rm 110,  Google Map).  The audience of 125 included skilled maintenance employees from NMSU and DACC Facilties Services groups.  Four 4-hr classes were provided during the week.

The training blitz class covered 10 safety topics in the four hour training.  These included

  1. Distracted Driving by NMSU Police;
  2. Utility Cart Safety by NMSU Police;
  3. Asbestos Refresh by NMSU EH&S;
  4. Heavy Equip Safety by NMSU EH&S;
  5. Storm Water Management, by NMSU EH&S;
  6. Ladders Safety by NMSU EH&S;
  7. Fall Protection by NMSU EH&S;
  8. Hazardous Waste Refresher by EH&S instructors;
  9. Hot Works Procedure, by NMSU Fire Services, and
  10. Equipment Fueling by NMSU Fire Services:

Details and registration are on the online training calendar at http://safety.nmsu.edu/training/safety-training-calendar/

















Registration 125 employees



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