NMSU Fall Safety Training

The 2017 Fall Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) training schedule is available via the safety training calendar.  The safety training facility is in Academic Research C building. A map is on the Safety home page.

Safety Training Requirements are determined based on work activities.  Guidelines for workers are provided by work categories: non-laboratory, lab and research and trades.  Please review your training requirements at https://safety.nmsu.edu/training/safety-training-requirements/.  In addition, many departmental work areas require additional refresher training on annual or periodic basis as well as documents, e.g. Prior Approval, SOP, etc, to operate within compliance. To understand the refresher requirements, please review the requirements listed in the description of each class, EH&S Classes.

Employee Safety/Loss Prevention & Control Online
This class is mandatory for all employees to take. Should an employee want additional information in a face to face class format, an Instructor Led – Employee Safety class is also available (please see EHS training calendar).

Laboratory Safety Refreshers
EH&S will provide four large group laboratory safety refresher classes for the science departments as follows:

  1. October 26 for Chemistry, Physics & Geologic Sciences, Time:11:45 am, Location: Chemistry Building, room 153;
  2. October 24 for the Engineering College, Time:4:00 pm, Location: Jett Hall room 259;
  3. October 26 for the Biology Sciences, Time: 4:00 pm, Location: Foster Hall, room 231.
  4. November 3 for the Agricultural Sciences, Time: 2:30 pm, Location: Gerald Thomas, room 200.

Affected individuals need to register to attend and this class is required for annual refresher compliance.
Also the initial training on the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety is available online (see links on the training calendar)

Maintenance Safety Training Blitz.

The 2017 Training Blitz was provided on September 6th, 7th & 8th.  NMSU EH&S, Police and Fire Service instructors presented the training sessions. Four 4-hr classes were provided during the week.

The training covered the following maintenance safety. Topics: Distracted Driving, Utility Cart Safety; Asbestos Refresher; Heavy Equipment Safety; Storm Water Management; Ladders Safety; Fall Protection; Hazardous Waste Refresher; Hot Works Permit & Procedures; and Equipment Fueling Precautions.  This staff training is for facilities, shops, studio work, agricultural, and industrial type work

Pedestrian, Bicyclists & Campus Drivers
NMSU is a Bicycle Friendly University and EH&S continues the BFU effort to promote pedestrian, bicyclist, and driving safety. Please see the campus pedestrian and bicycling improvements on http://bikes.nmsu.edu and BFU efforts as well as upcoming bicycling events on our Facebook Pages at https://www.facebook.com/NMSU-Bicycling-608399355942458/.

Defensive driving classes are provided monthly by EH&S and required for drivers of NMSU owned, leased or rented vehicles. A summary of Best Practices for Campus Driving is provided using this link.

The requirements for registering new Utility Carts and new Cart Drivers are provided at https://safety.nmsu.edu/campus-safety/vehicle-and-cart-drivers/utility-carts/

Shop, Industrial, Agricultural and Office Safety
Occupational safety information is available at the respective links on the NMSU Safety website for

Safety Initiatives & Emergency Preparedness
Initiatives include information on emergency preparedness and testing campus building evacuation via fire drills at residence halls and academic buildings this September. All departments need to review their Emergency Action Plans and prepare using this emergency information.  More information is at https://safety.nmsu.edu/emergency-information/  and at https://safety.nmsu.edu/2017/08/safety-health-and-security-initiatives-2017/

Questions on the above should be addressed to NMSU Environmental Health & Safety.

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