Safety tip: If you like it, lock it (August 8, 2018 Hotline)

Safety tip: If you like it, lock it

The most common crime on most college campuses is property theft. Surprisingly, a large amount of the property stolen is either not locked up at all, or is not locked up adequately. To help you keep your property safe, the New Mexico State University Police Department has some quick tips to follow:

· Lock car doors, roll up windows all the way and don’t leave any valuables on the seat or floorboards, on the dashboard or anywhere else they can be seen.
· If you ride a bicycle, use a high quality, “U” shaped lock, and secure both the frame and the front tire to a bicycle rack. If the seat is easily removed, consider taking it with you.
· When you leave your office, close and lock the door behind you, even if you think you will only be gone for a little while. It only takes a few seconds to reach into an office and take something.
· Don’t leave valuables (especially electronics like a laptop or tablet) sitting in a classroom unattended.
· Don’t invite potential criminals into your office. A number of criminals have misrepresented themselves and pretended to be doing other things (like offering to buy used textbooks or selling magazine subscriptions), but have later been found to be using the time to look around and steal items that were easily within reach.
· Report suspicious behavior by calling 911. This is a quick and simple thing you can do to help us prevent criminal activity, and you don’t have to worry about someone getting in trouble. If they aren’t doing anything wrong, we simply make sure and then they are on their way.

For more information on what you can do to prevent crime and reduce your chances of being a victim, contact the NMSU Police Department at 575-646-3311.

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