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November 10, 2010

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November 10, 2010

MEMBERS PRESENT: Katrina Doolittle, David Shearer, Dinus Briggs for Steve Loring, Christine Pennise, David Schoep, Douglas Parten, Linda Perez, Patti Havstad, Jose Gamon, Sidney Webb, MD for Lori McKee, and Jaime Marrujo

GUEST: Minerva Baumann, JoAnne Dupree, Bruce Vandevender and Tim Lower

The regular Safety Committee Meeting held in Academic Research Center, Bldg C was called to order by David Shearer, Chair, at 3:05 PM. Minutes from October 30, 2009 were distributed prior to the meeting and were unanimously approved.

Old Business:

1. NMSU Injury Report (Charles Ryder)

a. Charles distributed a copy of the Quarterly Recordable Injury Report; explained the content of the report stating that the injuries reported were consistent throughout the quarters since 2008.

2. Chemical Assistant database implementation, review & update (David Shearer)

a. EH&S is implementing the chemical database for easy access and friendlier usability.

b. Initial setup and release for the chemical database is being projected for mid-2011.

New Business:

1. New Biosafety Officer (David Shearer)

a. JoAnne Dupree introduced herself; stated that she is a NMSU graduate and that here degree is in Micro-Biology. JoAnne was in Biology before becoming the Biosafety Manager within the Office of Compliance.

2. New Radiation Safety Officer (Katrina Doolittle)

a. Dave Schoep was introduced as the NMSU Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). As of July 2010 his position with EH&S changed from Assistant RSO to RSO.

b. David has been the RSO at CEMRC, Carlsbad, prior to joining EH&S.

3. New Spill Reporting Form (Katrina Doolittle)

a. The Spill Reporting Form is found on the EH&S website. The purpose of the form is to keep EH&S informed of minor spills that do not require EH&Sís assistance.

b. The form could be a way of keeping supervisors informed of incident patterns that need to be addressed and training requirements for the department.

4. Stewart Street Road Diet for Pedestrian/Cart/Bike Safety, BR&R (David Shearer)

a. A funding of Thirty thousand dollar was received for striping crosswalks from Pain/Arrow Head to Knox. Needed for the entire project was eighty thousand.

b. The project will proceed with the current funding and additional funding will be requested to complete the project.

5. Incident/Near Miss Reporting (Katrina Doolittle)

a. Members were asked to share any incidents/near miss problem they may have with the safety committee members.

6. Activity Review Committee (David Shearer)

a. Bruce Vandevender distributed the Activity Registration Form and discussed the activity registration process. Prior to the activity, the Activity Registration Form is to be completed by the organization having the event and routed for the appropriate signatures before it can be approved.

b. Homecoming review just recently came through. There have been 3 review classes for safe floats and just a few attended. Requirements are on the EH&S website.

c. Keep State Great Project review; painting of curbs and picking up trash on campus was performed by volunteers.

7. Bike Safety Committee Activities (David Shearer)

a. A bike safety advocacy sub-committee was set-up to deal with bike complaints on pedestrian walk.

b. Cart and bike safety video is in preparation. 

c. The Bike safey committee participated in the Focus groups discussion for the Transportation and Parking Study currently underway

8. EH&S and News

a.EH&S provided the 2010 annual lab safety refresher trainings for Biology, Chemsitry, Chemical Engineering and ACES. With this year Lab Standard and Hazardous Waste refresher presentation, a section on Radioactive Safety was added.

b. Details and numbers of trainings, inspections and disposal of chemicals completed by EH&S was briefly explained

c. An open invitation was announced to tour the new hazardous waste site after the meeting

9. Other News

a. Jaime Marrujo announced his retirement effective December 31, 2010

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.

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