Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 15:49:33 -0700


University Safety Committee Meeting, Wednesday, November 10, 3:00-4:00 pm, Academic Research C., room 110

The meeting's purpose is to review NMSU employee injury rates (summary), noted safety concerns, safety programs, loss control, and related EH&S activities.

Old Business

1. NMSU Injury Report 3rd Quarter (C.Ryder)
2. Chemical Assistant database implementation, review & update (D.Shearer)

New Business

1. New Biosafety Officer (J.Dupre)
2. New Radiation Safety Officer (K.Doolittle/D.Schoep)
3. Spill Reporting Form 'new' ((K.Doolittle)
4. Stewart St. Road Diet for Ped/Cart/Bike safety, BR&R (D.Shearer)
5. Incident/near miss reporting (K.Doolittle)
6. Activity Review Committee
   a) review process, numbers, & Activity Review Committee (S.Waldo/B.Vandevender)
   b) Cinema Media Institute activities (S.Waldo/B.Vandevender)
   c) Homecoming Float  Review (D.Shearer)
   d) Keep State Great Project review
7. Bike Safety Committee Activities (D.Shearer)
   a) TS101 Bike Safety Class
   b) Cart/Bike Safety Training Video preparation (T.Francis/D.Shearer)
   c) Bike Friendly Campus/Charter
   d) Transportation Parking Study involvement
8. EH&S News
   a) Fall Lab Safety Refresher Training (K.Doolittle)
   b) Yearly Safety Training to date (D.Shearer)
   c) 2010 Detailed Lab Inspections (D.Shearer)
   d) Environmental Management Facility in operation (D.Kaczmarek/D.Schoep)
   e)Tour of facility after meeting


David Shearer, Assistant Director, Environmental Health & Safety,