Annual Lab Safety Training Summary (email Dec 3, 2010)

Environmental Health and Safety would like to recognize and thank the 417 researchers, faculty, staff, graduates assistants, and other lab employees that attended the lab safety training this year.  The training is required to comply with state and federal standards for chemical lab work.  This total is made up of

113 new lab employees that attended both the initial Employee & HazCom class and a subsequent Lab Standard class
304 trained lab employees that attended the annual lab safety refresher classes held in September and October

The lab refresher class included reviews of lab safety standards and hazardous waste management requirements as well as notes on recent incidents.  The annual lab refresher count is a summary of the following.

  95  lab employees at September 30 refresher at Foster Hall
  86  lab employees at October 1 refresher at Gerald Thomas Hall
  18  lab employees at October 1 refresher at Jett Hall
 105  lab employees at October 7 Lab refresher at Chemistry Complex

In addition there were also a number of researchers that qualified and completed the radiation safety refresher provided after the lab safety refresher classes.  Attendees were from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Plant & Environmental Science, EPPWS, CES, and Animal Range Science. 

Employee Training Requirements
All new regular, temporary, part-time, post-doc, graduate and student employees at NMSU should observe the minimum safety training (see via the Employee Safety & HazCom class. The Employee Safety class is free and is presented typically three times a month at our training facility.  All employees that will be working in a chemical lab are, at a minimum, to also attend one of the monthly Lab Standard classes.

The safety training schedule for the next six months is posted on the Safety website ( and employees may register up to a month in advance.  EH&S can also provide training at special dates and times (normally M-F 8am-5pm) for groups of 6 or more. This year EH&S provided or arranged over thirty special classes to accommodate requests and in the spring semester we will schedule several special evening classes on Employee Hazcom and Lab Standard safety for student employees.

Special Spring 2011 Lab Safety Refresher Class
For those that missed the annual lab refresher training, EH&S will provide a spring 2011 lab safety refresher class on January 21 at the EH&S safety training facility at Academic Research C, room 110. I will send out a reminder after January 1st for those interested to sign up for the spring lab safety refresher class.  

Affected departments are requested to print and post this email for employee information.

Thank you.
David Shearer, Assistant Director, Environmental Health & Safety,
Phone: 575-646-3327, Fax: 575-646-7898