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HazCom Inventory                

Chemical Inventory (HazCom + DHS CFATS)

As part of the Hazard Communication Standard (1991 & 2012) and the NMSU HazCom Program, departments are required to ensure that a current inventory of hazardous materials for each departmental workarea is prepared, kept and submitted to EH&S via an internet database (EHS Assistant).  In addition the 2007 Chemical Security Rules (CFATS, finalize Nov. 20) from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires that NMSU keep a current inventory of its chemicals (More information on the DHS rule under Safety NEWS) (List-DHS chems of interest)

Chemical Permit User Notes:

  • 1. to log-in: select red link marked ‘ EHS Assistant’;
  • 2. on the resulting webpage: log on with NMSU user name and associated password.
  •    The user name & password for Chemical Permit user are that same as that used for their access to NMSU banner & NMSU email systems.;
  • 3. on the Permit homepage: select ‘Inventory’ to see, add to, or update your chemical inventory;
  • 4. on permit homepage: select ‘Permit Worker . .  ‘ to grant a new worker access to permit

Frequently Asked Questions

Inventory Printout

A copy of the HazCom Inventory for each work area must be kept with the MSDSs for that area (or in a secure location if the MSDSs are in the public areas) and the updated inventory lists are to be provided to NMSU EH&S annually. Typically this means that the person responsible for a departmental work area with chemical products must keep, update and submit a copy to EH&S at least annually. (Additional information on the HazCom chemical inventory).

These inventories are submitted and kept on a computer database  This computer database provides for easier, less time consuming updates.  Data are entered and updated via the web.

The following gives more information and the link to the database.

HazCom Web Database  (Database Questions/Updates/Problems)


CHEMICAL INVENTORY DATABASE - The NMSU HazCom Inventory database is web based, doesn't require spreadsheet software, and is easy to use. 

WEB LINK - The highlighted, links (bold red text on yellow background - above and below) go to the database.  Select the link for data entry and to check or update your existing chemical inventory. Click here for additional information on what is needed for the inventory).  ;

INVENTORY UPDATES - If you have previously submitted an chemical inventory for your area, you can view and update it via the web.  The initial page is a summary of your chemical permit. From there you can find others with access to the permit and go to the inventory records.  You can update individual chemical records, delete record lines, and add new items.  There is a summary print option at the bottom right portion of the inventory page header.  This should be printed and kept in each chemical area or with the MSDS for that area.  If needed an email summary of the inventory record can be sent to the primary contact.  If you have questions please call EH&S at 646-3327.


* In addition the inspection information on lab safety equipment, e.g. certification is on the EH&S database. It can be searched & viewed via the following link - Safety equipment database  

(Database Questions/Updates/Problems)

Click here for additional information (why, what, etc) on the chemical inventory. 

Click the appropriate link for more information on the

Hazard Communication Standard,

NMSU Hazcom Policy and Inventory Requirements,

written Program,

chemical inventory,

definitions of exposure, chemicals, and hazardous chemical

material safety data sheets (MSDSs)


training requirement,


 Safety equipment (hoods & emergency shower-eyewash) database

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