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New Mexico State University
Environmental Health & Safety
2012 Safety & Security Initatives


NMSU Safety, Health & Security Initiatives 2012/2013


Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) asks everyone in the university community to review the safety, health and security aspects of your employment, research and/or learning at NMSU.  Instructors need to inform students at the beginning of each semester of the specific emergency and evacuation procedures and how to receive emergency notifications.  To prepare for a disaster, departments are responsible for developing their Continuity of Operations Plans (CoOP) that identifies their critical operations and essential positions needed to maintain departmental operations.   Emergency preparation at NMSU is a a collaborative effort involving NMSU Police, Fire & Emergency Services, Campus Health Center, University Communication, Facilities and Services, and the university community.

emergency action plan


At the beginning of each fall semester, unscheduled building evacuations will be conducted on the Las Cruces and Dona Ana campuses to test Departmental Emergency Action Plans (EAP). Each department is responsible for having and annually updating their Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and discussing the plan with their employees annually.


New graduate and research assistants are introduced to some of the safety requirements via the New Graduate Student Orientation.  Also all new employees (staff, faculty, graduate, undergraduate, full and part-time) and regular employee should be informed by their departments of requirements to attend safety training as part of NMSU employment.  A listing of employee safety training obligations is provided at  The safety training schedule and registration is on the NMSU Safety website at

safety initiatives


More details on emergency action plans, safety training, preparedness, personal security & CPR classes, and emergency procedures are provided in the 2012 fall Safety, Health & Security Initiatives at  A schedule of the safety events and classes associated with the fall initatives is provided on the safety website and at




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