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New Mexico State University

2013 Maintenance Safety Blitz

Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving

On September 11th, 12th & 13th, EH&S will provide six 4-hr long refresher training sessions on maintenance safety, a maintenance training blitz.  This safety training blitz is directed at affected employees in the Facility Services, Housing, Special Events, Physical Science Laboratory, Corbett, DACC, and ARS/agriculture as well as other NMSU departments or locations with maintenance activities. 


Each session will include four 1-hour blocks which will provide training on the following topics:

1. Asbestos & Storm Water Awareness (dls & jk)

2. Distracted Driving & Controlled Access (jlg)

3. Fire safety, fuel & extinguishers (NMSU FD)

4. Root Cause/Hazard Review/PPE selection (jel)

Each topic will be presented as a separate class of approximately ~50-55 minutes duration by one or more instructors.  There will be a short break between each class.


Further details and a training matrix for maintenance workers are provided on the Safety website under training. 



The safety training calendar is available online at  Individuals and/or their supervisors should register attendees via the safety class registration on the EH&S website.