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New Mexico State University


NMSU 2013 OSHA 300 Log

Environmental Health & Safety is pleased to announce that the NMSU 2013 OSHA 300 log, a summary of 2013 NMSU accidents/injury, is posted on our website (click link or report image to enlarge).  The log provides summary information on cases and time (days) lost or restricted due to reportable injury (or illness) by NMSU employees in 2013.  Links to this webpage are in the news section on the safety.nmsu homepage and the NMSU_EHS Tweeter sites.


All NMSU-related employment units e.g. campus departments, institutes (PSL, NMDA, CEMRC), NMSU community colleges, ASC facilities, etc. should print the document and posted it on a bulletin board in a central employee area for information.  Under New Mexico law this annual summary log must be posted from February 1 through April 30. 

Per our discussion with NM-OSHA, the linked display on the NMSU website will meet the regulatory requirement, however we recommend that the log also be printed and posted for employee information.  Either a print of the html/jpg image (change the printer setting to landscape for better results) or the pdf file (this may require installing Adobe Acrobat) is acceptable for posting.



For 2013 the number of OSHA recordable injury cases with lost or restricted time is 59 (see bar chart). This is very good as the count has decrease substantially (40-50%) since the early 2000s to the current low. With the 2013 summary the reduced trend has persisted for 6 years.  

The noted reduction is due to many factors; e.g. increased emphasize on inspection, training, activity reviews, and funding to correct safety deficiencies.  However the main factor is the Culture of Safety, that is attention to safety and well being, which NMSU employees have developed.  The university community is congratulated and encouraged to continue to work safely. 

EH&S' goal is to continue this low injury rate through our safety training, inspections and timely facility repairs to improve workplace safety and ultimately reduce medical costs, lost work and insurance premium. The bar chart (below) shows more detail on this decline.

Employees are reminded that work-related injuries and illness should be reported to the Worker Compensation Coordinator at the University Health Center [campus map].  Also please note the safety training requirements for employees and NMSU safety policy.  

EH&S provides comprehensive environmental health and safety services to the NMSU community and campuses.  Questions on the log details, requests for division summaries, or NMSU safety related concerns should be directed to my attention (address below) or alternately to Katrina Doolittle, EH&S Director.

Thank you.
David Shearer, (email) , Assistant Director, Environmental Health & Safety,
PO Box 30001 / MSC-3578, Las Cruces, NM 88003, Phone: 575-646-3327