Tunnel Access Permit

Based on the recent Tunnel Safety Report, certain tunnel areas must be designated restricted until the tunnel areas are shored or otherwise strengthen and permanent repairs are made. Proposed access and tasks within the restricted tunnel areas as well as any activity above the area must be reviewed before allowing the tasks to be performed.

Please contact EH&S to submit a tunnel entry permit at (575) 646-3327. This permit is similar to the confined space permit, but does not require constant monitoring. The permit is to be completed and authorized by the Central Utility Plant Supervisor [the permit grantor] and accepted by the entrants.  Before access is granted, review of the proposed tunnel and expected surface activities will be needed by the permit grantor.

The underground work will be done using the buddy system in the event assistance or rescue is needed. The permit grantor will check on the grantor to check on the entrants at required exit times to ensure that all entrants have exited the tunnels safely.