Subject: Public Bicycle Fix-It Station Installed


Quick note to announce that we have installed the bicycle Fixit station on the west side of Corbett. Soon most campus bicyclist will know where it is and the usefulness of the fix-it station.


This bike repair station is designed to be installed for public use. Basically it is a heavy duty repair stand with a selection of tamper resistant tools and an air pump for tending to most minor bicycle repairs on the fly.


Details on use the station & repairs are also a scan away for some riders. Just use the Quick Read (QR) code on the front of the Fixit to view detailed repair instructions on a smart phone.



Facility Services employees installing the unit on Feb14 [View to Milton]


Mock use 1 [View to Corbett]

Mock use 2 Happy bike repairs [View to Zuhl]


Fix-it Station Glamour shot

Fixit scan code for smart phones




In other news, we now have use of the alias


which will link the web user directly to the NMSU bicycle webpages. Note there are still small bike icons and other links on the safety homepage at to the bicycle webpages.


The above announcement and information on the application for BFU status are on the webpages.



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