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New Mexico State University
Environmental Health & Safety
Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

Evaluations: Safety & Usage Surveys:




  • 2014 Traffic Citations by NMSU Police


Traffic Safety – August 25, 2014 campus traffic enforcement:
At the beginning of the fall semester, the NMSU Police ran a campus wide traffic enforcement blitz.  In total, 99 citations were issued, including 4 pedestrian and 15 bicycle infractions (chart). 



Six of the bicycle cites were for typical traffic offenses such as riding on the wrong side of the roadway.  The other violations are for various violation such as failure to obey traffic and stop signs.  Note that bicycles are regulated as vehicles on the highway (see bicycle regulations)

Common Locations: (see 2012 review below)




A pedestrian and bicyclist safety survey was conducted in Spring 2012 of  International Mall traffic along the north side of Corbett Center. 
More . . .






A pedestrian and bicyclist safety survey was conducted by EH&S at the intersection of North Horseshoe at Espina Street in early November 2011.  More . . .





The Fall 2011 campus bicycle parking survey counted and plotted the usage of the bicycle racks in the central campus area during the noon time for weekdays in November. More. . .









A interactive campus map showing NMSU central campus bicycle facilities (racks, lanes and paths) is at




  • 2012 Traffic Citations by NMSU Police



EH&S reviewed the campus citation issued to bicyclists for traffic violations during the summer and fall 2012.  For the period May 1 to Nov 28, 2012, the NMSU Police issued 409 citations for vehicle & traffic violations.  Of these, 64 (16%) were for bicycle-related  violations. 

However, of the 409 motor vehicle violations, 144 were not applicable to bicyclists (e.g. insurance, plates, etc), leaving 245 applicable citations. So the 64 bicycle-related citations made up 24% of the 265 applicable citations.

Common Bicycle Citation: The highest single total for the period were 118 citations for failure to heed stop signs and traffic signals, of which 42% (50 incidences) were bicyclist-related.

Common Location: Of the bicycle citations, twenty-three (46%) occurred at the intersection of Williams and Steward.

Also 73% (11 of 15) of the cites for traveling the wrong way on a one way street (or wrong side of the road) were by bicyclists.  Of these wrong-way riders, the majority (72%) were equally divided as occurring on Horseshoe Drive and Steward Street.




  • NMSU Campus Bicycle Facilities Map 

Map images showing the bicycle facilities, bike racks and routes are at - Static display - Interactive map


This map was provided by Department of Geography's SpARC (Spatial Applications Research Center) 

Currently we are requesting that the bike facilities be added to the NMSU beta map at


Las Cruces Transit Routes  CLC link  route20  






  • NMSU Commute Distances

Images showing commute distances to campus