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Multi-Use (Ped & Bike) Trails, Routes & Maps

  • NMSU Campus Bicycle Facilities Map 

Map images showing the bicycle facilities, bike racks and routes are at - Static display -  Interactive map

Base map provided by SpARC (Spatial Applications Research Center) Geography Dept.






Bicycle Rack Locations on Campus Parking Map

Map (jpg)

Map (pdf)


Currently we are requesting that the bike facilities be added to the NMSU beta map at







bike path
  • New trail segment creates multi-use trail loop around Las Cruces

(Dec 2, 2012 Sun NEWS story  local)

The 4.5-mile new trail will connect the Triviz Multi-Purpose Path with the La Lloroña Trail, and to trails that link to the north end of the New Mexico State University campus (see map).  "From a bicyclists' standpoint, it's a great path . . .

This portion creates a loop around Las Cruces, estimated to be more than 32 miles long.  MPO map of the Trail is provided at right & further details are available via the links below.

Las Cruces MPO Multi-use Map [Draft]     Mesilla Valley Bicycling Suitability Map

Multi-Use Trail

Information from The Las Cruces Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) website indicates that Las Cruces has over 65 miles of in-road bicycle lanes, shared-use lanes, and bicycle routes.  The City of Las Cruces also has 15 miles of paved and natural-surface trails.  The bicycle facilities vary and enjoyment may depend on your experience level.  Here is the regional Bicycling Suitability Map to help you plan your route.

The Las Cruces MPO has developed an In-Road Bicycle Facilities Priorities Plan and the Trail System Priorities Plan to guide the development of future facilities. Aerial images along the Outfall Channel Trail are provided via the following MPO website documents:  Channel Trail overview 1 and Channel Trail overview 2

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