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Aggie Family Bike Event

This is a family bike safety event to promote safe bike use. Las Cruces Codes will provide a bike safety course and the Optimist Club will show kids how to repair their bikes, while the NMSU Outdoor Recreation will show adults how to do repairs & use the new Bike Fix-It Station.  Southern NM Bicycle Educators will assist with proper helmet use. Roadrunner Transit will demonstrate load & unload a bike from the bus bike carrier. This event may also include a bike blender, a DJ, poster competition, and people in costumes.  More information is provided on the flyer and on the new Facebook page for the NMSU Bicycling Community at:








Dia de Muertos, Mesilla, NM

A ghost bike is a bicycle set up as a memorial for cyclist(s) killed or severely injured by a motor vehicle. Apart from being a memorial, it is usually intended as a reminder to motorists to share the road.

The first recorded ghost bike was in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2003. The original idea of painting bikes white reportedly goes back to the city of Amsterdam in the 1960s as an anarchist project to liberate two-wheel transport. The ghost bike idea in the United States may have originated with a project by San Francisco artist Jo Slota, begun in April 2002. A ghost bike memorial project was started in St. Louis, Missouri, United States in October 2003. After observing a motorist strike a bicyclist in a bike lane on Holly Hills Boulevard, Patrick Van Der Tuin placed a white-painted bicycle on the spot with a hand-painted sign reading "Cyclist Struck Here". (source "")

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday which focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. Information on the Mesilla NM celebration is at

More information on the Ghost Bike is provided on new Facebook page for the NMSU Bicycling Community at:




Oct 18, Campus Bike Ride

Ride will start & end at Corbett Center [west side] and is open to the whole community. This short ride around campus is to display and promote safe bike riding practices. Expect all riders to wear helmets, use hand signals, ride in bicycle lane, and stop at traffic signs.  


Local and state bicycle traffic regulations are on this website at and several short videos on bicycle safety are provided at



More information on the event is provided on the flyer and on the new NMSU Bicycling Facebook page at:





White Sands Bike Trip

NMSU's Outdoor Recreation [Recreational Sport] is offering a White Sands Bike Trip on October 4. Spend the evening on the glistening white sand dunes of New Mexico at White Sands National Monument. Cook-out,  play & ride in the great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand. Bring a bike and ride through the park after hours. More information is provided on the event flyer from the bike shop at the Activity Center






NMSU Bicycling Community
  • NMSU Bicycling Community Facebook (new)

A Facebook page for the NMSU Bicycling Community is at: 

(It also can be found by searching for "NMSU Bicycling Community")












South Campus Fix-It Repair Station
  • Second campus bicycle fix-it repair station installed in south housing area.

Housing supported Bicycle Friendly University by installing another Bicycle Fix-It Station on the south side of Aggie Store on Standley Drive.  The first one is located on the west side of Corbett Center. The bike repair station is designed and installed for public use. Basically it is a heavy duty repair stand with a selection of tamper resistant tools and an air pump for tending to most minor bicycle repairs on the fly. Details on use the station and repairs are also a scan away for some riders. Just use the Quick Read (QR) code on the front of the Fixit to view detailed repair instructions on a smart phone.












[posted May 2013]





This resource has been moved to the enforcement and security section








  • MGT 448 - Bicycle Friendly Campus Project

"Students involvement in Bicycle Friendly University effort"

Hi David, Heres the outline that we are doing for our project:

1. Communication on campus

a. Flyers on bicycle racks around campus about bicycle safety

b. Brochures to students (new students during orientation) [IN WORK]

c. Facebook page [created a Facebook group called Bicycle Friendly University NMSU.

The Bicycle Friendly University NMSU Facebook group is at:  or
searching for "Bicycling Friendly University NMSU" or "Groups at NM State".

2. Organizing bicycle events [IN WORK]

a. Bicycle ride for Earth Day (possible regularly announced bike rides on campus)

b. Sustainable bicycle education class on campus
c. Bicycle incentive programs (ways to reward students for riding bikes on campus, possible raffles?)

3. Support effort to be accepted by the League of American Bicyclists

a. Collect data about bicycle usage on campus (surveys through Facebook, counting bicyclists on campus)

b. created a FLYER that will be handed out to new students during registration.

Thanks, Matt

On Feb 14, a bicycle fix-it repair station was installed on west side of Corbett. 

The self-help station can be used for minor bicycle repairs.  

More details . . .





  • Commuting Tips & Tricks

Commute by bike!

It's fun, it's fast, it's easy,


  • it saves money, reduces global warming, and
  • keeps you healthy and happy, too!

Here are some commmuting tips and tricks to

keep you happy and get you there safe

(courtsey of Ride on Sports)





  • Local rides

Description of local mountain bike rides to/on

1. A-Mountain [Tortugas Mountain],

2. Dona Ana Mountains,

3. Robledo Mountains,

4. Sierrs Vista Trail(s)

Details at local mountain bike rides (courtsey of Outdoor Sports)




  • NMSU, DACC students receive free RoadRunner Transit bus rides & can take their bike.

Now, you can take the RoadRUNNER Transit bus with your bike to NMSU, DACC Central and DACC East Mesa Campuses.  Current NMSU and DACC students can ride any RoadRUNNER Transit bus during the 2012-2013 academic year (August 20, 2012 - May 11, 2013) - no fare required! Students only need to present their current valid school ID each time they ride the bus.

RoadRUNNER Announcement

DACC Announcement

2012-08-17 NMSU Announcement




  • NMSU Campus Bicycle Facilities Map 

Map images showing the bicycle facilities, bike racks and routes are at - Static display - Interactive map


Map provided by Department of Geography's SpARC (Spatial Applications Research Center) 

Currently we are requesting that the bike facilities be added to the NMSU beta map at

Las Cruces Transit Routes  CLC link  route20  




  • Bicycling advocacy & reminders information added to ANMSU 'feed' for display screens

The Bicycle Safety Committee is adding bicycling advocacy and reminder to ANMSU's feeds for the display screens placed in Corbett Center, Campus Health and various campus housing facillities.

This information is to promote safe use of bikes on campus streets and walkways.

Operation on Street

- Same rights/rules (Bikes are vehicles)
- Go with flow (ride with traffic)

- Be predictable, hand signals
- Cyclist ride bright
- Ride smart equip
- Keep clear of car doors

Use on campus walkways

- Crosswalks for Pedestrians
- Yield! Pedestrians Rule
- Thanks for using your bell

Bicycle security

- Bicycle security
- Bike stolen?

NMSU Bicycle Friendly (plate) NMSU BFU #1  ####2

Link to Survey data on bike traffic violations
Link to Recent bike citations (Fall 2012 citations);



Share the roadway and walkways

Slow down when riding near pedestrians

Ride predictably & signal your intentions

Follow traffic laws on roads and sidewalks

Park & secure your bike in a bike rack

Wear a bicycle helmet and avoid collisions


For more details, please see our safety videos on bicycles,
cart and pedestrians safety (under Education [E2])


From locking your bike to fixing a flat tire, you'll find all sorts of useful information inside this Student Cycling in Chicago booklet at

bike smarts

A tutorial, available online [above link] or as a 46-page booklet to help increase your safety and confidence while bicycling.


Off to a Good Start

Where to Ride on the Road

Riding Through Intersections

Getting Across Non-standard Intersections

Steer Out of Trouble

Using Your Brakes

Riding in Groups

Riding in Rain and Darkness

Ways to deal with Tough Situations

Riding with Confidence


  • FHWA Bicycle & Pedestrian Program

The Bicycle & Pedestrian Program of the Federal Highway Administration's Office of Human Environment promotes bicycle and pedestrian transportation use, safety, and accessibility. The site provides information about the amount of federal funding spent on pedestrian and bicycle projects in your state, available federal funding sources, existing legislation, and guidance about accessible design. FHWA also sponsors resources such as the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center to provide information on a wide variety of engineering, encouragement, education, and enforcement topics. More . . .






  • Bicycling for Short Trips: Good for You and the Environment
    Mat's Commute  A video about the benefits of bike commuting
    from Bikes Belong on Vimeo.





  • Vélib - Paris bike rental system










  • Bicyclist Safety Tip: Walkers Go First:

No question about it “ if you run into a pedestrian while riding your bike, someone is going to get hurt" (probably both of you).  New Mexico and most states law says that bicycles are vehicles and pedestrians aren’t. You must yield to pedestrians when riding on the street, in crosswalk, and on the sidewalk.  Yield the right of way and give an audible signal before overtaking and passing any pedestrian.  More bicyclist and motorist safety tips for better cycling at




  • August 6, 2011, The B's, the PreRide Checklist and the sign S's

- Be bright. Be visible. Be safe.


- PreRide checklist




Hit by another bicyclist "... fractured my femur (and) ... smashed my head on the pavement, ... had I not been wearing a helmet at that point, I would either be dead or permanently disabled."  . . . Video


Videos on European pedestrian & bicyclist safety.  Start in Bern, Switzerland at


Courtesies for Shared-Use Paths and Trails:

  • Yield to slower users, especially children
  • Obey speed limits posted for the safety of all users.
  • Clearly announce when passing: “On your left” or “Passing on your left”
  • Stay as close to the right as possible, except when passing and avoid hazards.


 Bicyclists:  Principles of Traffic Law

  1. Be visible: reflectors, lights, bright colored clothing, reflective safety vest
  2. First come, first served
  3. Drive on the right-hand side of the road
  4. Yield to crossing traffic and when changing lanes
  5. Position yourself in the appropriate travel lane at intersections according to the direction you are going; right turn, forward or left turn
  6. Position yourself in your lane according to your speed


ABC Quick Check

Before you go for a ride, be sure to perform the ABC Quick Check:

A is for air – be sure your tires are properly inflated.

B is for brakes – do they provide enough stopping power, front and rear?

C is for cranks, chain and cassette – are they properly lubricated and clean?

Quick is for the wheel quick releases – be sure they are closed.

Check is for the final overall inspection before beginning your bike ride.


Texas Bicycle Laws

  1. Ride in the same direction as traffic
  2. Obey all traffic signs and signals
  3. Use hand signals for turning and stopping
  4. Maintain brakes capable of making the braked wheel skid
  5. At least one hand on the handle bars at all times
  6. One rider per saddle
  7. At night, white light on front and red reflector or red light on back


Resources for Walking & Bicycling Safely


Bicycle Safety Information (web links)

  • The Bicycle Safety Guide: nice summary of web links from Austrialian Guardian Insurance on Bicycle Safety: Riding Tips; Bike Equipment; Helmets; & Safety for Kids  (posted Feb 2011)


Bicyclist & Pedestian Statistics, Info, & Organizations


Around 33,000 people die in car crashes in the U.S. each year.
About 1 in 41 is a bicyclist.

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