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New Mexico State University

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle Rack Locations on Campus Parking Map

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Map (pdf)


Currently we are requesting that the bike facilities be added to the NMSU beta map at




Bicycle Rack by Building
Bicycle rack capacity by building

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In Feb 2009 EH&S student safety inspectors began counting the bicycle racks on the central campus area. They recorded:

    * the number of racks
    * the number of slots in each rack,
    * the number of bikes at the time,
    * the building name
    * the location relative to the building

By fall of 2009 EH&S inspectors had checked 40 buildings and marked 93 bike racks on the campus map.  They also marked each on a map and photographed the racks.  The racks around the central NMSU academic & research buildings have a parking capacity for 1381 bicycles.  The graph shows the distribution on bicycle racks by building (listed alphabetically).