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Suggestion Form


The link below lead to the EH&S suggestion form.  Please use this form to tell us your ideas for improving our services, to express concern regarding university-related conditions,  to request information or cancel your registration for a safety class.


Suggestion form (disabled, please see explanation below)

Note: because of abuse by web spammers the suggestion form has been moved and is now only accessible to NMSU registered computers on the university network system.  Sorry, because of continued problems, the suggestion form has been disabled temporarily.  If you have a suggestion, comment, or concern please use the phonebook email form below.


Phonebook Email Form

 Inquiries should be directed via the above form as follows:


Please be advised that EH&S support is provided primarily for the benefit of the university, i.e. associated employees, students, and visitors.  We are glad to help the surrounding communities and public, but only as time and resources permit.


Confidential Reporting of Concerns

NMSU Employees and students who report environmental, health or safety problems to internal departments are protected from discrimination (see EH&S web for details).  EH&S maintains an open door policy to resolve these issues. 

Fraud, safety, and other concerns concerning NMSU and affiliates can also be reported anonymously to the NMSU Audit Office via a 3rd party, Ethicspoint Inc.  Ethicspoint is not NMSU and they maintain a website and phone service (English, Spanish, & other languages) to which you need not identify yourself in order to make a report (additional information) (Link to Ethicspoint website).


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