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Asbestos Awareness


    This mandatory course has been arranged by EH&S in conjunction with OFS/ PPD.  It provides affected employees with information and precautions for asbestos.

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  • Training Topics:

    • Asbestos characteristics,
    • Health hazards,
    • OSHA & EPA regulations,
    • PPE requirements.

    Who should attend:

    All University employees, including full-time, part-time, and work study who perform maintenance or housekeeping in areas with asbestos  Typically affected employees include but are not limited to those working in the following departments or organizational units:

      • Custodial, construction and maintenance workers
      • Facility Support and/or Physical plant unit
    • CORBETT CENTER - Custodial, construction and maintenance workers
      • Telecommunication and Networking Services and Voice and Alarm Services
    • HOUSING AND DINING SERVICES - Custodial, Construction Maintenance and Painters
      • Custodial Services
      • Carpentry
      • Central utility plant
      • Electricians
      • Engineering
      • Heating distribution
      • Masonry
      • Painters
      • Project management
      • Plumbers
      • Refrigeration
      • Roofing and construction
    • OFS PLANNING AND CONSTRUCTION - Architects & Planners
    • PHYSICAL SCIENCE LABORATORY - custodial, construction, maintenance and welders
    • SPECIAL EVENTS - Custodial, construction and maintenance workers

     Length of course:    1.5 + hours, depending on audience size and questions

    This class is typically provided once a year.   (Schedule)  (To Register).

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Respirator Training & Fit Testing 
(also see NMSU Respiratory Protection Program)


    This course provides employees with the training necessary to adequately protect them against hazardous airborne substances.  It covers information and training on recognizing respiratory hazards, use and care of appropriate respiratory protection equipment, as well as the need to comply with state and federal regulations, as well as with University Safety program.  It includes respirator fit-testing on negative pressure cartridge type respirators. If respirator protection is for chemical vapors or hazardous fumes, prior attendance at NMSU Hazard Communication Class is required.


    • Requirements and overview of OSHA 1910.1 34 - Respiratory Protection
    • Requirements of NMSU Respiratory Protection Program
    • The need for a respirator
    • Respiratory hazards (dust, fumes, mists, gases, vapors, oxygen deficiency)
    • Respiratory Protection Factors
    • Immediate and delayed effects of hazards
    • Types of respirators and respirator limitations (evaluation for respirator use)
    • Quantitative fit test (negative and positive pressure)
    • Proper care and maintenance of respirators
    • Conditions in which a respirator should not be worn
    • Respiratory Protection Factors

    Who should attend:

    All University employees, including full-time, part-time, and work study, who wear respirators on a mandatory basis and who are recommended for the Medical Surveillance Program.  Pre-Qualification by Employee Health Service and successful completion of training and fit-test are prerequisite for wearing respirator at NMSU.

    Training frequency:

    • At initial assignment (prior to work on project requiring protection) and then
    • once a year.  Review of precautions and selection of respirator cartridge for individual hazards will be done on on-going basis by each employee and supervisor.  


    Please note that medical pre-qualification is required by NMSU before you can wear a respirator or attend this training (the fit testing portion).  You may obtain the forms needed for the medical evaluation by downloading and printing one of the following files

    The potential respirator user should complete and submit the completed medical evaluation form to Employee Health Services. The medical qualification form must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the class and it must be approved by the medical examiner prior to the fit testing.  As needed the doctors at the NMSU Employee Health Service may require additional information and/or a physical examination before you can attend this training or wear a respirator at NMSU (see evaluation for respirator use).  

    Respirators & Shaving

    New respirator users can choose and be fit tested with a respirator from a selection of models and sizes at the EH&S office.  Once you have been fit tested with a specific respirator, your department will obtain that model and size for your respirator work.  Alternately a new user can bring a respirator of their selection to the class.  The fit test will be used to determine if it is the right size and shape for your use. Returning users should bring their personal respirator to the class for the fit testing. 

    All respirator users are reminded that in order to maintain a good seal with the respirator, they must be clean-shaven for the fit test and all respirator use. 

    Length of course:

    Initial respirator safety lecture is about 1.5 hours and fit test take about 1/2 hour each.  Class can take several hours, depending on audience size, questions, and sucessful fit test (face to respirator compatibility). 

    This class is provided by EH&S and is on the monthly schedule  (Schedule) (To Register) 

    (N95 Class Presentation)

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