Caution, aggressive Hawks on Campus

Hawks-CautionASNMSUFeed1Please use caution when walking near the Rentfro Gym & Regent Row areas on Stewart Street, NMSU campus.

A pair of Swainson Hawks are roosting in the area trees and have dived at pedestrians.  Since the beginning of July, the hawks are being more aggressive.  The reports indicate that they have dived and struck pedestrians on the head and arms.  Warning signs have been posted in the immediate area of concern.


These Hawks have a 20-24 inch wingspan, are fast, and have sharp 3 inch talons which can easily cut flesh or remove skin and scalp.

Please read the poster for precautions.

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Hawks-CautionASNMSUFeed2The Hawk territory extends from the Astronomy Building and Frenger Mall at the north to the Intramural Field and from west of Computer Center building to the east of Breland Hall and the Activity Center.

Please use caution when walking in this area (see map).

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