Safety tip: Field trips (July 25, 2018 Hotline)

Safety tip: field trips

NMSU Hotline — July 25, 2018

Summer and regular semester activities may include field trips in the natural environment or the broader community, which are often away from the normal support networks of the university. These activities require quality planning in advance to ensure safety in field locations, which are inherently higher risk by the nature of the environment itself.

The following guidance will help you prepare for a safe field experience.

– Complete the Activity Registration Form for activities that fall outside the scope of the department’s normal day-to-day operations and for all events that are sponsored by student organizations.

– Field activities are to be led by experienced and qualified personnel.

– Ensure an adequate number of personnel have first aid training and appropriate resources if the activity is not in near proximity to emergency medical services.

– Create a field safety plan, itinerary, participant list and emergency response plan.

– Plan for adverse weather, adequate food and water, appropriate shoes and apparel and heat illness prevention.

– Ensure field participants are briefed in advance on the physical fitness requirements, field trip behavior rules, safety information, any specific hazards and the emergency response plan including what to do if separated from the group.

– Participants should be prompted to disclose medical information that may impact their safety or health while engaging in field activities and fill out an informed consent form.

– Maintain accountability of the group members as a number one priority.

– Mobile communications equipment (cell phones, satellite phones, GPS tracking devices, radios) must be tested and available at all times.

– Transportation must use experienced and properly licensed/permitted drivers and vehicles that are authorized, insured and properly maintained.

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