Safety tip: What’s in those green boxes? (August 29, 2018 Hotline)

Safety tip: What’s in those green boxes?

Emergencies often arrive unexpectedly. In that moment, preparedness is key. NMSU’s Facilities and Services is working to install emergency evacuation stair chairs in its buildings that have stairwells. This is a new initiative for 2018. So far, they have been placed at Hadley Hall, Health and Social Services Building, Zuhl Library, Branson Library and Gerald Thomas Hall. The Corbett Center Student Union will be next.

These emergency evacuation stair chairs are for unexpected events, accidents and emergencies that can cause service interruptions at any time. This Stair Chair allows a single person to safely move a disabled or injured person up and down stairwells from a multi-story building with very little training and minimal help.

NMSU’s Fire Department has been coordinating training on proper use of these emergency evacuation stair chairs. Training includes a short instructional video from the manufacturer, followed by hands-on practice with the actual chair.

For more information on the emergency evacuation stair chairs or to set up a training time, contact the NMSU Fire Department at its non-emergency phone number at 575-646-2519 or send an email to

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