Safety tip: Bystander Intervention (October 10, 2018 Hotline)

Safety tip: Bystander Intervention

We can all help stop sexual assault by using bystander intervention techniques. You might observe a situation where you see that someone is in danger, or someone is planning a sexual assault against them, and have the opportunity to do something that makes a difference. Here are some danger signs you might see:

  •  A person is unable to care for themselves
  • Someone is trying to take another person to an isolated area
  • Someone appears to have put something in another person’s drink
  • Someone insists on staying with another person, even after being told no, asked to leave or being pushed away

If you see this type of behavior, remember the three D’s:

DIRECT: You can directly intervene by saying something, separating the victim and the perpetrator or bringing attention to the issue.
DELEGATE: Seek help from another individual, such as others in the area, a campus official or police.
DISTRACT: Interrupt the situation without directly confronting the offender, but in a way that doesn’t allow them to carry out their plan.

Want to know more? Contact the Wellness, Alcohol & Violence Education (WAVE) Program at 575-646-2813.

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