Safety tip: What to do if you smell natural gas (December 5, 2018 Hotline)

Safety tip: What to do if you smell natural gas

It’s cold in the mornings and gas furnaces are being used. NMSU and Facilities and Services would like you to be aware of what to do if you smell natural gas.

Leave your home immediately, leave doors and windows open to ventilate the house, call 911 from a neighbor’s phone and make sure you give first responders contact information so they can let you know it’s safe to return.

  • Don’t use the telephone inside your house
  • Don’t operate any electrical equipment
  • Don’t turn lights on or off
  • Don’t light any flames
  • Don’t go back inside or stay next to your house until you are told it’s safe to return

If you are outside and discover a blowing gas line or smell a strong odor of gas, evacuate the area immediately and once you are clear, call 911. For more information, visit

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