Safety tip: Office Hazards (June 19, 2019)

Safety tip: Office hazards

You may think working in a comfy, climate-controlled office is safe and hazard-free, but there are many risks to your safety and health all around you. Can you spot the hazards in this one-minute video,, from the National Safety Council?

Tips to help prevent possible injuries:

  • Check your workstation for exposed electrical cords and other tripping hazards
  • Avoid ergonomic hazards (properly elevated chairs and workstations)
  • Shut file cabinet drawers when not in use
  • Store heavy objects close to the floor and out of walkways
  • Avoid space heaters which could ignite nearby materials
  • Make sure cups and glasses have lids on them to prevent spills
  • Avoid distracted walking

These and other safety tips are available at NMSU’s Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management department has office safety and ergonomics information at

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