Safety tip: Beware of hawks on campus ( July 10, 2019 Hotline)

Safety tip: Beware of hawks on campus

The Swainson’s hawks have returned to NMSU. There is a nesting pair, with three fledgling chicks, that makes their home in trees to the north of Rentfrow Hall. The adult hawks are aggressive and serious about keeping perceived threats away from its nest and the fledglings as they learn to fly.

Pedestrians should be particularly careful when traveling through the area between Regents Row and Rentfrow Hall, and toward the Activity Center (immediately east of Rentfrow Hall). Please be observant of birds in the area, especially on the ground and avoid the stairs east of Rentfrow Hall that lead to the upper parking area. Strategies include using umbrella or simply avoiding the area altogether (and be aware that we have had injuries in past years as far away as Hadley Hall). In any event, these hawks are extremely protective and can cause injury to anyone in their vicinity.

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