Safety tip: Pedestrian crossing signals on University Avenue (September 18, 2019 Hotline)

Safety tip: Pedestrian crossing signals on University Avenue

A new pedestrian crossing signal is up and running on University Avenue, between Locust Street and Triviz Drive. The speed limit has also been reduced to 35 mph on that stretch of road toward Telshor boulevard.

This is the second signal placed on University Avenue. The first signal, installed more than two years ago, is at the intersection of University Avenue and Hagerty Street. Do you know what to do if you see this flashing red light?

These pedestrian crossing signals are intended to be used by people on foot crossing the busy road. The lights ensure that motorists notice them and allow them to cross.

Tips to stay safe:

  • Pedestrians intending to cross the roadways in these areas are asked to use the lighted crossing signals.
  • Pedestrians should refrain from entering the roadway until traffic has come to a complete stop.
  • When the lights are off, drivers should proceed normally.
  • If a yellow light is flashing, prepare to stop.
  • If red lights are flashing, drivers should treat the location as if there is a stop sign.
  • Stop and allow pedestrians to go through the crosswalk.
  • Once the crosswalk is clear, drivers at the front may proceed.
  • The next drivers should pull up to the stop line and come to a complete stop, check to make sure the crosswalk is clear, and then may proceed.
  • This process of stopping and making sure the crosswalk is clear should continue until the lights turn off.
  • These signals and the reduced speed limit are intended to help ensure safety along that portion of east University Avenue. The violation of the solid red light for motorists is a $162 penalty assessment while a citation for passing a flashing red light carries a mandatory court appearance. Pedestrians may receive citations if they cross the street at locations other than a marked crosswalk or for darting into traffic.

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