Safety tip: Health, safety tips for the new semester (January 27, 2021 Hotline)

Safety tip: Health, safety tips for the new semester

As the spring semester gets underway, NMSU continues to remain flexible and adjust to the needs of our students, faculty and staff during the continuing pandemic. You can remain informed about NMSU’s pandemic action plan. Remember to stay safe: mask up, wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing, at least six feet apart.

Emergency preparedness and safety is everyone’s responsibility and a collaborative effort at NMSU. NMSU’s Emergency Planning Committee reminds you to please review the safety, health and security updates.

Everyone should select how they want to receive emergency notifications. Instructors should inform students at the beginning of each semester of the specific emergency and evacuation procedures. Other campuses should communicate to their staff and students their emergency plans and procedures which are specific to their campus location.

Please take time to review the following safety and emergency preparedness information using the following links:

NMSU’s Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management website is a resource for emergency preparedness, safety information and safety-related news.

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