Defensive Driving Program and NMSU Driving Permit

The EHS&RM Defensive Driving Course is provided for employees, students, agents of the University , or volunteers performing University duties to comply with requirement to drive a NMSU vehicle licensed for highway use. This class is not needed to drive a utility cart such as a golf cart or a utility vehicle on campus, however, a distinct permit is required. Please see NMSU Utility Cart Safety Program for additional information.

In order to drive a NMSU vehicle (owned, leased, rented or loaned) the individual must:

  1. Attend an EHS&RM provided four-hour Defensive Driving Course or show proof of recent attendance at a nationally sanctioned safety driving course, such as a 4 hour National Safety Council course, (proof to include documentation of class attendance, provider, class type, class description, and date).
  2. Have a valid United States issued driver’s license. Prospective drivers shall agree to a motor vehicle records check, initially and every 3 years.
    1. Any individual driving a NMSU vehicle must immediately notify their supervisor and EHS&RM if their driving license is suspended or revoked.
    2. NM State Statute requires individuals to obtain a NM Driver’s License within 30 days of establishing residence.
    3. Out of state license holders may be required to provide a certified copy of their driving history if NMSU is unable to obtain the driver history.
    4. If the driver’s license expires before 3 years, a driver permit will only be issued until the date of expiration, at which time another driver history check will be performed before renewal of the permit.
  3. Maintain a good driving record. Any employee, student, or volunteer who receives a traffic citation for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or fails to obey any applicable traffic laws while driving or occupying a state vehicle may result in suspension or revocation of their University driver’s privileges.
  4. Adhere to the NMSU Vehicle Use Procedures. (Approved by Transportation Council on April 19, 2006)
  5. A one-time temporary permit may be requested by an employee to perform duties for 30 days. Students and volunteers are not allowed temporary permits. Please note the following:
    1. A driver history check will be performed and approved before temporary permit is issued.
    2. The permit will be sent within 5 days of review of driving record.
    3. Temporary permit is only issued for 30 days.
    4. It may not be used to chauffeur other employees, students or visitors.
    5. NMSU Temporary Driving Permit Memorandum
  1. Renewal is required of the Driver’s permit every 3 years and a driver’s history check will be performed and approved before a renewal permit is issued.

Fees for Defensive Driving Program

Fee Description Fee Amount
Defensive Driving Course: NMSU $55.00*
Renewal Permit License Check $25.00*
License Check Fee (For those providing approved non NMSU Defensive Driving Training) $25.00*

 *Note: Fees above are effective November 1, 2017                             

Registration and Attendance For EHS&RM Defensive Driving Course:

  1. Please go to Defensive Driving Course Registration and complete form. Please note that personal information will be secure.
  2. Please request registration at least two weeks in advance to ensure a reservation.
  3. NMSU will perform driver history check for individuals affiliated with NMSU and once approved will register the individual for desired date and time of course.  Negative findings will be reported in writing to the supervisor and Department Head.
  4. If there are any questions or concerns, the employee supervisor or department will be contacted.
  5. If a temporary permit is requested, EHS&RM will send it to the department via interdepartmental mail, once driver history record is approved.
  6. The class is split into 2 days at 2 hours each day. The employee must participate in both days of training to receive certification of completion.
  7. Individuals must bring current driver’s license to class.
  8. No one will be admitted fifteen minutes after class is in session. Late registrants will need to restart registration process.
  9. The instructor has the right to refuse admission to disruptive individuals.
  10. Individuals that fail to show up for class without prior notification will forfeit the fee for the course.