Chemical Inventory

NMSU EHS&RM is charged with maintaining an inventory of hazardous materials at the university.  This is required by the following standards:

To meet these requirements EHS&RM has developed an on-line Chemical Inventory Database (EHS&RM Assist).  EHS&RM Chemical Permits are assigned to individual faculty and staff with supervisor responsibilities in areas where hazardous materials are used and stored.  Chemical Permit holders are responsible for entering the required information on hazardous materials in their areas of responsibility into the system.

Permit Holders can access the inventory database via the link below and log in using their My NMSU login name and passwordWork area inventories must be updated at least annually and a printed copy of the inventory kept with the Safety Data Sheets (SDS).  Guidance on ‘How To’ perform specific functions within the online chemical inventory system are also linked below:

  1. Log on to NMSU Chemical Inventory Database (Registered/Authorized Users Only)

    PLEASE NOTE:  Remote sites will need to download and install the NMSU VPN Client.  Once installed, sign into the NMSU VPN Client first, then log into the Chemical Inventory Database.

  2. How To: Add a Authorized Worker to an Existing Chemical Permit
  3. How To: Add a Chemical to the Chemical Inventory
  4. How To: Display and Print the Chemical Inventory
  5. How To: Transfer a Chemical to a Different Room Listed on a Chemical Permit (To add a new room to an existing permit, contact EHS&RM).
  6. If you’re maintaining your chemical inventory on a spreadsheet, please use the chemical inventory template
    (Please Note:  Rows two through five include example information to assist/guide users in completing the template.  Delete rows two through five before submitting template.)

If you need a Chemical Permit, cannot access the Chemical Inventory Database, or need help working within the database please contact the EHS&RM Department at (575) 646-3327.