Radiation Safety Program


Radioactive material and radiation-producing devices are valuable tools in teaching and research at NMSU. The University Radiation Safety Committee (URSC) and EH&S are committed to supporting the safe use of ionizing radiation, in all its forms, for teaching, research, clinical and service missions at NMSU. A primary function of the URSC is to establish and maintain university policies concerning how NMSU employees can use various regulated sources of ionizing radiation. It is also the responsibility of the URSC to provide and enforce safety guidelines for the use of licensed radioactive material and other regulated radiation-producing devices at NMSU. The Radiation Safety Manager (RSM), employed within EH&S, manages the day to day activities of the of Radiation Safety Program. The RSM also serves as the university’s compliance officer for radiation safety and works to ensure that work with ionizing radiation is in compliance with URSC policies and meets the provisions of applicable local, State and Federal regulations.

A successful radiation safety program depends on the cooperation of many individuals and groups at all levels within the university. NMSU is committed to providing a quality radiation safety program that is designed to protect the health and safety of radiation users, the university population and surrounding community as a whole. Please view the links below for specific information on the Radiation Safety Program.