Defensive Driving Course Schedule & Registration

The schedule for the Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management (EHS&RM) Defensive Driving Course (DDC) at NMSU is shown below. This class is one of the requirements for a permit to drive a NMSU vehicle licensed for highway use.

For the convenience of faculty, students, and staff, EHS&RM provides this monthly training during regular work hours and at least one evening course in the fall semester. Classes typically include 35-45 persons and are open to the public. The classes are held in the EHS&RM Training Facility on the NMSU Main Campus.

Please see the Vehicle and Defensive Driving Program webpage for Vehicle Use Procedure and additional information about Defensive Driving Program and Driver Permits.

Due to COVID-19 we are currently not posting dates for our Defensive Driving classes. Please contact Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management at if you are needing to register for a Defensive Driving class in order to obtain a permit. Thank you!


ClosedNovember 10 & 12, 2020Tuesday & Thursday9:00 am - 11:00 am (Both Days)Academic Research C, Room 110
ClosedDecember 8 & 10, 2020Tuesday & Thursday2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Both Days) Academic Research C, Room 110


  1. Please go to Defensive Driving Course Registration and complete form. Please note that personal information will be secure.
  2. Please request registration at least two weeks in advance to ensure a reservation.
  3. EHS&RM will perform driver history check and once approved will register the employee for desired date and time of course.
  4. If there are any questions or concerns, the employee supervisor will be contacted.