NMSU Safety Training Requirements

New Full Time Employees

The Employee Safety/Loss Prevention & Control Online class is mandatory for all employees to take. Should an employee want additional information in a face to face class format, an Instructor Led – Employee Safety class is also available. If an employee is working with hazardous materials, the Hazard Communication Class is also required. Please note that registration for Employee Safety must occur before the system will allow registration for Hazard Communication. These classes are required under NMSU policy and assist NMSU with compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations. This requirement is noted on the employment offer letter to new full time employees. Previously hired employees are also welcome to attend for refresher training.

Depending on work activities, additional safety training from EH&S may also be required under Federal Law, State Law and/or by NMSU Policy. Please view the following links for additional required training:

Please view the full list of EHS&RM Classes and their descriptions for additional information about each class.

Faculty, Temporary, Part-Time, Student, Graduate, Post-Doctoral Employees, Visiting Researchers and Volunteers

All NMSU employees and authorized non-NMSU workers (including volunteers and visiting researchers) that work with hazardous materials are required, at a minimum, to complete the NMSU Online Employee Safety module or class and the EHS&RM Hazard Communication class. This includes temporary and part-time workers; post-doctoral workers; graduate students, visiting researchers and any volunteer that works with hazardous materials in instructional, research, shop, art, or agricultural settings. Department heads and supervisors are asked to forward this information to these individuals since many of them will not receive an employment offer letter, and may not be aware of the safety training requirements listed above. Under NMSU Safety Policy, supervisors (faculty or staff) are legally responsible for ensuring that all personnel working for them are aware of all potential hazards.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility, that their personnel receive appropriate general and work-specific safety training.  Academic instructors are responsible for incorporating relevant safety training and risk communications as part of the course being offered to students for credit.

Additional, specialized safety training, may also be required depending on the nature and hazards of the work to be performed.  Please review the links listed above to determine if any additional safety training is required.


Periodic Refresher Training

In addition to the above requirements, many departmental work areas require additional refresher training on annual or periodic basis as well as documents to operate within the safety regulations. In most cases, EH&S provides the initial & refresher training and checks for annual document updates.  To understand the refresher requirements, please review the requirements listed in the description of each class, EHS&RM Classes. Classes with refresher requirements are:

Defensive Driving Permit – 3 Year Refresher Laboratory Standard – Annual Refresher
Forklift Safety/Permit – 3 Year Refresher Aerial Lift Safety – 3 Year Refresher
Asbestos Awareness – Annual Refresher Basic Radiation Safety – Annual Refresher
Bloodborne Pathogen – Annual Refresher Nuclear Gauge HazMat Shipper – 3 Year Refresher
Respirator Safety and Fit – Annual Fit Test