Training Requirements for General Work Areas (Non-Laboratory)

Please note that Employee Safety is required for all NMSU employees and a prerequisite to all classes listed below. This may be taken online or as an instructor led class. However, please be aware that the online version is required by all employees.

ActivityRequired Training
Do you work with, have or store chemicals in your work area, vehicle, or building?
Additional safety training for specific hazards

Do you produce hazardous waste containing chemicals, biological tissues, body fluids, infectious agents, radioactive materials or residues?

Do you provide first aid services, work with or have the potential to contact human blood, body fluids, or tissues?

Annual Bloodborne Pathogen Refresher
*Please note that applicable vaccines may apply.

Do you use radioactive materials, x-ray devices or related radiation equipment?

Nuclear Gauge Training
(if applicable)

Does your work involve animals?
Does your work require hearing protection
Hearing Protection Use
*Please contact EH&S to schedule.

Does your work involve the use of respirators or dust masks?

Do you use or service equipment on which an unexpected restarting could cause injury?
Does your area have any confined spaces that you must enter?
Does your work require the application of pesticides?

Does your work involve the use of ladders.
Do you perform maintenance or housekeeping in areas with asbestos?
Asbestos Awareness
(Annual Refresher required)

Do you operate industrial forklift trucks and aerial lift equipment?

Do you work with heavy equipment tractors?
Do you work in areas where there is a potential for a fall?
Are there fire extinguishers in your work area or nearby for your use?
Fire extinguisher training
(FS Fire Department)
Do you drive a university vehicle?
Defensive Driving
– 3 year renewal required
*Please note pre-requisites in class descriptions.