Controlled Access Procedures

Controlled Access Procedure and Map

The operation of motorized vehicles (electric or combustion engine) in a university setting is always a challenge between providing adequate access to enable the operational needs of the campus to be met versus the pedestrian nature and desired feel of a campus setting. State law establishes the ability for local jurisdictions to place restrictions on the operation of motorized vehicles on controlled access areas.

Please use the link below to view the Controlled Access Procedure for NMSU and the map which defines the areas:

Controlled Access Parking Procedure

The Controlled Access Parking procedure outlines the requirements for obtaining authorization for parking in areas defined as a Controlled Access Area as part of the Controlled Access Procedure and map. A Controlled Access Parking Request form must be submitted to the Parking Department in order to obtain a Controlled Access Parking placard. Access to parking or traveling within Controlled Access Areas requires review and authorization by Facilities and Services. Vehicles not displaying the appropriate parking permit may be cited for unauthorized parking by Parking Department staff or for other appropriate violations by NMSU Police.