Other Supplemental Insurance

The State of New Mexico Property Evidence of Coverage excludes coverage for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS/Drone) Physical Damage. The State of NM Risk Management Division (RMD) has purchased a physical damage policy through a private insurance company. This coverage will only apply to those UAS’s that are reported to RMD and accepted by the private insurance company following completion of the application. Liability coverage extends to any Unmanned Aircraft owned or operated on behalf of the State pursuant to Tort Claims Act, NMSA § 41-4-5.

This policy covers liability, medical, airfields/landing strips, and hull coverage’s. Aircraft traveling to Mexico must be pre-insured by the State of NM RMD before entering into Mexican airspace. NMSU EHS&RM must be notified forty-five (45) days before the proposed trip in order to notify the State of NM RMD.
The State of New Mexico Liability and Property Evidence of Coverage(s) excludes coverage for physical damage to the storage tank and pollution losses relating to any loss, cost, or expense, including defense costs, arising out of any pollution related losses including, but not limited to, testing, clean up, monitoring, etc. Coverage for these excluded exposures is available through State of NM RMD. Please notify NMSU EHS&RM for information.