NOTE: The EHS&RM Chemical Inventory Database is currently down for a system upgrade. Please check back to access the system.

Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management is charged with maintaining an inventory of hazardous chemicals and hazardous materials in NMSU facilities, system-wide.  Maintaining an accurate inventory of these materials is several federal and state laws.

EHS-Chemical-Inventory-Databse.pngOSHA Hazard Communication Standard

OSHA Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories

DHS - Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)

EHS&RM uses an online inventory database to manage and track hazardous chemical inventory for the entire NMSU system.  We depend on hazardous chemical users (faculty, researchers, supervisors, and staff) to input required information into the system and ensure that the information is current and accurate for areas and operations under their control. 

The system uses Chemical Permits assigned to individuals with direct supervisory responsibilities and oversight of areas where hazardous chemicals are used and stored.  Permit Holders and other authorized personnel can access the inventory database via a web link.  Once set up, users can access the system using their My NMSU login name and password

Chemical inventories should be continuously maintained but must be updated / verified at least once annually and whenever a new hazardous chemical is ordered.  The inventory should also be updated whenever there is large change in amount of a chemical already in the system.

A chemical inventory reports can and should be printed whenever the inventory is updated.  This report should be kept on file and be available to all workers.  Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each chemical listed in your inventory must be readily available to all workers. 

‘How To’ guides for performing common database functions are below:

  1. Log into NMSU Chemical Inventory Database (SYSTEM IS CURRENTLY DOWN FOR A SYSTEM UPGRADE)

    1. NOTE! When working from a remote location (off the Las Cruces campus) you will need to use the NMSU VPN to access the chemical inventory database.  If necessary, download and install the NMSU VPN Client before attempting to use the inventory database  Sign into the NMSU VPN Client using your MyNMSU login credentials.

  2. How To: Add an Authorized Worker to an Existing Chemical Permit

  3. How To: Add a Chemical to Your Chemical Inventory

  4. How To: Display and Print a Chemical Inventory Report

  5. How To: Transfer a Chemical to a Different Room Listed on your Chemical Permit (If you need to a new room or location added to your permit, contact EHS&RM).

  6. Chemical Inventory Import Template (Excel spreadsheet)  If you prefer to maintain your chemical inventory in an external spreadsheet the data must be in a specific format before it is imported into the inventory database. A pre-formatted chemical inventory template (including instructions) is provided to ensure the information will be successfully imported.  Please import your spreadsheet inventory to the inventory database periodically or at least annually.  Note: Rows two (2) through five (5) in the template include example information. Overwrite or delete these rows before importing.

If you need access to the Chemical Inventory Database, or need you need assistance working with the database, please contact EHS&RM at 575-646-3327 or