UAS Safety Operations

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Welcome to the New Mexico State University Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS) flight operations webpage. NMSU ARP 16.75 has been established to provide mechanisms for the safe operation of UAS as part of academic, research and public safety; to ensure the protection and safety of NMSU students, employees and guests; and to maintain the privacy rights of those on NMSU premises.

This webpage is designed to guide students, staff, vendors and guests what is required to fly a UAS for NMSU or on NMSU properties.


  • Getting Started
    • Piloting requirements
    • UAS device purchasing requirements
    • UAS registration and insurance requirements
  • Flight Operations
    • Online Flight Requests
    • Flight Categories by Tier
    • Flight Incident Reporting 
  • FAQ and Resources
    • FAQ
    • Additional Tools and Guides 
    • NMSU Policy/Procedure
    • NMSU Main Campus Training Field