Loss Prevention and Loss Control Mission

The mission of The Loss Prevention and Loss Control Program is accomplished by the following activities:

  • Develop and provide health and safety training programs for the University Community.

  • Establish the roles and responsibility of an employee, supervisor and management in worker safety.

  • Inspect and coordinate self audits of NMSU facilities to identify deficiencies or risky practices at NMSU divisions.

  • Provide or identify resources to correct facility deficiencies and technical assistance to improve the work practices. These include reviews of practices involving environmental protection, employee health and occupational as well as campus safety.

  • Ensures safe work practices by refresher training and assessments for new potentially hazardous work.

  • Identify the risks that contribute to losses and provide help and resources to control or minimize these risk factors.

  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of safety programs to insure that program goals are achieved.

  • Develop proactive prevention and control programs and techniques that will eliminate or reduce the risk of an employee or student injury in a workplace or University-related events.