Reporting for Injuries and Illness

Work Related Injuries and Illnesses

All Injuries, illness and incidents occurring in the workplace must be reported.  Steps to take in identifying and seeking treatment are summarized from the NMSU Administrative Rules and Procedures, Chapter 8 HR-Benefits under 8.72 Part 4 Workers Compensation Claims Processing as follows:

  1. The employee must report all on-the-job accidents, injuries or exposures immediately to the employee’s supervisor by completing and submitting the Notice of Accident or Occupational Disease Disablement Form, whether or not medical care seems to be needed;

  2. The employee’s supervisor/or workers compensation specialist completes the Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness or Illness Form. Employee’s supervisor must ensure the Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness Form is completed and sent to the workers compensation specialist within 24 hours of the injury or illness;

  3. The Supervisor most immediately responsible for the operation must complete the NMSU Supervisor Accident Investigation Report, whether or not medical care is rendered. The investigation shall be initiated as soon as possible, but within two working days. A copy of the investigative report shall be furnished to the investigator’s immediate super visor for signature and then submitted to Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management.

All forms and additional reporting procedures are on the Aggie Health & Welness Work Related Injuries & Illnesses web page.  The steps for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses are provided in the NMSU Safety Handbook under Non-emergency injury/illness Procedures.

Non Work Related Incidents***Under Revision*** Please contact EHS&RM at (575) 646-3327 on guidance for reporting non work related incidents. Thank you.