Equipment Decommission / Disposal

Use the instructions and forms as a guide  for the disposal, surplus or transfer of lab or shop equipment / appliances previously use / store of hazardous chemicals, biohazards, radioactive materials or other hazardous materials.  The instructions and forms serve to provide:

  1. Certification that accessible surfaces have been wiped down and are free of hazardous contamination or residues before the equipment is transferred to property.
  2. Reminder that refrigerators, freezers and microwave ovens that were used to store hazardous chemicals have a sign taped on them stating "Do Not Use for Food / Drink" prior to transfer to property
  3. Notification and documentation for Facilities & Service HVAC personnel need to remove Freon and oil from old refrigerators / freezers before the equipment is disposed.
Equipment Decontamination & Transfer Form
Used Appliance Decontamination Transfer Form