Lab and Shop Decommissioning Procedures

People leave, space is reassigned or refurbished for new uses all the time.  When this happens it is important that the old space has been properly decommissioned prior to vacating.  This is particularly important in spaces where hazardous chemicals, biological, radioactive materials, or other hazardous materials have been used or stored. Decommissioning should occur whenever there is a major change in personnel working in the space or the space is being re-purposed for other uses.

  • Primary contact for the space is retiring or terminating affiliation with New Mexico State University

  • People are relocated to another space

  • Major space renovations

All hazardous materials must be properly disposed or reassigned to a new responsible party.  The space should be cleaned, de-cluttered and surfaces cleaned and free of chemical residue or contamination before new people move in. All equipment and supplies should be re-assigned to a new responsible party or surplus / dispose, as appropriate. 

Principal investigators, instructors, directors / managers and graduate students are generally responsible for complying with decommissioning requirements for the areas under their control. If the primary contact leaves before the space is decommissioned, then decommissioning responsibilities will fall to the individual department or administrative unit responsible for the space.  Click on the links below for forms and instructions that will help guide the decommissioning process.