NMSU: EHS&RM – Hazardous Waste Management Manual, Chpt 4 Waste Tracking



Each chemical container picked up by EH&S must be listed on the waste/material tracking form provided by EH&S and mandated by the EPA. The proper completion of this form is the most important component in the process of hazardous chemical management.

This form provides the basic information required by law for tracking all the chemical wastes managed at the central accumulation site and becomes a part of the “cradle to grave” concept of hazardous waste management as mandated by the EPA. Further, it provides a source of hazard information for EH&S personnel responsible for managing your chemical wastes as well as a source of identification of the chemicals in case of an accident either in transit or at the management facility.

The following information is required on each form:

  • Indicate the quantity of each chemical in the container.
  • Indicated the common chemical name of each substance added to the container. Do not used formulas, symbols or structural formulas for the name.
  • If the compound is a mixture, properly list all components on the form and show approximate percentages.
  • Provide a contact name, department, campus address, and phone number on the form.
  • All chemical containers picked up by EH&S must be accompanied by a properly completed form(s).
  • An illustration of Waste/Material Tracking Form and completion instructions is presented in the appendices. The quadruplicate forms are available from EH&S by calling 646-3327.


Good packaging is essential for the safe transportation of chemicals to the staging area and Waste Handling Facility. Use the following procedures when packaging chemicals to be collected by EH&S  :

  • Boxes used in packaging chemical containers must be sturdy enough to provide safety in transportation. Only compatible chemical should be in the same package.
  • Liquids must be packaged in DOT approved boxes only.
  • Packing material such as newspaper, styrofoam, etc., should be used to prevent breakage
  • EH&S can furnish boxes for chemical transportation if notified in advance.
  • Contact EH&S with questions on packaging chemicals for disposal.


Whenever possible EH&S  will provide prompt removal of unwanted hazardous chemicals.  The successful attainment of this goal depends largely on the cooperation of personnel who use these chemicals. The following guidelines are provided to expedite the removal and proper disposal of hazardous waste:

  • Waste containers must be tightly closed at all times when not in use.
  • When waste containers are 75% full, complete the tracking form and call the EH&S office (646-3327) for waste pick-up.
  • Phone in the request for waste pickup after completing the Waste/Material Tracking Form.  When possible please provide boxes and packing material for chemicals.
  • Pickup requests must be phoned in at least ONE working day prior to the scheduled pickup day.  .
  • EH&S   personnel will schedule your pickup on the next pickup unless there are special requirements.
  • Please provide notification of special circumstances, such as potentially explosive chemicals, extremely toxic chemicals, etc., at the time a request for service is initiated.
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