Chemical Safety Data Sheets

Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS), formerly known as MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets, are the cornerstone of communicating critical information about a hazardous chemicals composition, physical characteristics and hazards they pose.  Safety Data Sheets provide an abundance of information needed by supervisors and workers to determine how to protect themselves and work safely with a hazardous chemical.
Safety Data Sheets must be readily available to workers who handle or could be exposed to a hazardous chemical.  They should be reviewed by workers prior to handling or working with any hazardous chemical.  A SDS must be available for every hazardous chemical listed in the chemical inventory database.

Chemical manufacturers and manufacturers of products containing hazardous chemicals are required by OSHA to provide an SDS to customers.  If a safety data sheet was not provided, they can be easily obtained by contacting the manufacturer or by performing an Internet search for the SDS. To learn more about chemical safety data sheets, information they contain and safety data sheet regulations, please review the information below.

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