Analytical X-Ray Safety Training


Description / Purpose:

The purpose of this page is to provide analytical x-ray safety training to those NMSU employees who operate analytical X-ray machines in research laboratories. This training consists of completing an exam which covers analytical x-ray safety topics that may include:

  1. Overview of NMSU Radiation Safety Program requirements for analytical x-rays
  2. Applicable State and Federal regulations
  3. Fundamentals of radiation safety with an emphasis on x-rays
  4. Radiation terminology & units
  5. Biological effects
  6. ALARA principles
  7. Exposure control
  8. Engineering, Administrative & Procedural Controls
  9. Warning Labels & Signage
  10. Dosimetry
  11. Emergency procedures
  12. Record keeping requirements.

Exam Instructions:

To receive credit, complete the Analytical X-Ray Exam listed below. Please email the exam to the Radiation Safety Manager at, or you may send the exam via campus mail to Radiation Safety, MSC 3578. Please check Training Central for your score. To pass the exam you must score 80% or higher. This is an “open-book” exam meaning you can use any reference materials you choose including the NMSU Radiation Safety Manual.

Links to the exam and key program documents / reference training materials are below:


Analytical X-Ray Exam

Analytical X-Ray Training Material

NMSU Radiation Safety Manual