University Radiation Safety Committee

The University Radiation Safety Committee (URSC) is an institutional oversight body mandated by the university and State of New Mexico regulations governing the use and licensing of radioactive material and other sources of ionizing radiation. A primary function of the URSC is to establish and maintain university policies and procedures concerning how regulated sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive material can be used at NMSU. The URSC also approves guidelines for the safe use of licensed radioactive material and other regulated radiation producing devices at NMSU.

The committee is composed of faculty and technical staff, appointed by the Vice President for Research (VPR), whose experience and expertise encompass the wide array of techniques and types of radioactive material and radiation-producing devices used at the university.

Any university employee proposing to use radioactive materials or a radiation-producing device in teaching, research, or clinical activities must be approved by the committee.  The acquisition or disposal of radioactive materials or radiation producing devices must follow established URSC guidelines. 

If you have questions about the approval process for using radioactive material or radiation producing devices at NMSU, contact the NMSU Radiation Safety Officer via email at or by phone at (575) 646-3327.