Report of Occupational Injury (OSHA 300 Log)

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NMSU 2022 OSHA Form 300A

The NMSU workforce is finally coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic years and all still adjusting to life after COVID. Some of us have returned to a normal work life and back on campus full time, some of us continue to work a hybrid schedule (both on campus and remotely) and some of us have given up our office space and working remotely full time.

Regardless of our place of employment, NMSU remains a safe workplace and our 2022 OSHA injury and illness update reflects the importance of safety amongst our entire workforce. The 2022 injury and illness case counts were reduced by 9.5% from 2021. From the pre-COVID year of 2019, NMSU has dropped from an annual recordable case count of 84 to 38 cases in 2022; a 55% decrease.


Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management notes this summary in the OSHA Form 300A. Under New Mexico law the annual OSHA 300 log must be posted from February 1 through April 30.   All  NMSU employment units; including units such as PSL, NMDA, CEMRC, NMSU Community Colleges, ASC facilities, etc. need to communicate the OSHA Form 300A by posting it on a bulletin board in a central employee area or by forwarding this link to the entire department staff.   A PDF version is available to print by clicking on image of OSHA log to the right.   If your department is teleworking, please email to the entire department for their viewing. 



As mentioned last year, there is a 9.5% decrease in recordable injuries from 2021. 2022 held strong with four less recordable injuries. Over the last 20 years, NMSU has had a continuous decline in overall injuries and can be attributed to continuous safety training and the overall care taken by each NMSU employee to make sure they go home safe everyday.



The OSHA severity rate normalizes the injury data to make it comparable from
year to year regardless of employee changes. This rate calculation considers the number of lost days of work and total hours worked each year. This gives the average number of lost days per recordable incident. This measures how critical the injuries or illness sustained were by using the number of lost days per accident as a proxy for severity.

Even though we had a decrease in case count in 2022, unfortunately there was a 49% increase in days of loss time which resulted unfavorably in 2022 and the severity rate increased from 4.13 to a 6.17. This is an indication of more people back on campus with a higher risk of more serious injury and increased time away from work for recovery of the injury.
In comparison to pre-pandemic years, in 2022 there is a 65% decrease from 2019. This is still a significant accomplishment and should be commended to all at NMSU and keeping yourselves safe in your day to day work.


Incident Reporting, Investigation and Prevention

Employees are reminded to   report  work-related injuries and illness to their supervisor. It is important for the supervisor to complete the   Supervisor Investigation Report. The completion of this report guides the Supervisor and EHS&RM to investigate the incident and drill down to root cause of incident. Identifying root cause will help identify and establish preventative actions in attempt to prevent the same type of incident from occurring again.

In 2022, 87% of supervisors completed a Supervisor Accident Investigation Report and determined cause of the incident and what mitigation steps should be taken. EHS&RM reviews each report of injury or illness and provides recommendations to the supervisor where applicable.