Laboratory Safety Training

New Mexico State University has made a strong commitment to providing faculty, staff and students a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning, teaching and conducting research.  The use, handling and manipulation of a wide variety of hazardous chemicals and materials is an integral part of many academic and research activities at NMSU.   The university has a legal obligation to comply with numerous Federal, State and local regulations that govern the use and disposal of hazardous chemicals including the OSHA Hazard Communication regulations and the OSHA Laboratory Standard.  These regulations are designed to protect workers, the general public and/or the environment.  NMSU has specific policies and procedures to ensure that the use and disposal of regulated materials is done in a safe and compliant manner.  EHS&RM offers training directly related to the safe use of hazardous materials in laboratories.

  • Hazard Communication Training – Mandatory training for any employee who handles any type of hazardous chemical or other hazardous material at NMSU.


  • Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety (Instructor Led) or (Online) – Mandatory training for employees working in laboratories that use of multiple hazardous chemicals, perform procedures using hazardous chemicals or perform chemical manipulations on a laboratory scale.  This training is available either as an online offering or an equivalent instructor led class.


  • Laboratory Safety Refresher Training – Mandatory annual refresher training for employees who have completed Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety or Hazardous Waste Management training.


  • Principal Investigator Responsibilities in Laboratory Safety – A new, optional online course which focuses on the Principal Investigator (PI) responsibilities as they relate to laboratory safety. This course reinforces why it is important for a PI to create and sustain a strong safety culture in their laboratory


  • Hazardous Waste Management Training – Mandatory training for designated Waste Coordinators who are assigned to specific Waste Accumulation Points across the university.  This training is also recommended for other employees who generate hazardous waste(s).

EHS&RM also offers a number of specialized safety training classes for specific hazards such as radiation safety, x-ray safety, laser safety and biological safety.  Please refer to the Laboratory and Research Areas and Safety Training Requirements training pages for more information and a complete list of classes offered by EHS&RM.   Contact EHS&RM at (575) 646-3327 or if you have safety training questions.